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JCR Arctic Update 22nd July 2013

Polar bear and cubs. Pic Mike Gloistein

Another day of thick fog in the morning and then clearing during the afternoon.  The ship was only a few miles off the coast of Greenland and it was lovely to see.  There was a heavy patch of sea ice between us and the coast and a number of seals were sighted.  Then,  after a lot of pondering,  it was decided that a polar bear could also be seen,  very well camouflaged on the ice.  This warranted further investigation.

Once closer it was seen to be a mother and her two cubs.

Polar bear and cubs. Pic Richard Turner

Polar bear and cubs. Pic Richard Turner

I think the picture below is of a  ‘fog-bow’ or ‘Ulloa’s Ring’.  According to the Marine Observers Handbook,  which is the bible of all things weather related for the mariner,  this  is known as a ‘white rainbow’ and is formed when raindrops are very small,  as in the case of some cloud or fog.  For a fog-bow to be seen the observer must be close to the cloud,  or near or in the fog.  We managed the latter!

Fogbow. Pic Mike Gloistein

The final picture for this report is just a lovely view.  With near mirror seas and ice,  this picture had to be included.

Stunning Arctic views. Pic Mike Gloistein

Noon Position Report:

Latitude: 74° 48.5 N
Longitude: 017° 36.0 W
Bearing: 245 °T, 506 Nm from Longyearbyen
Cruise Number: JR288
Distance Travelled: 149
Total Distance Travelled: 1879
Steam Time: 12.52
Total Steam Time: 176.59
Average Speed: 11.90
Total Average Speed: 10.64
Wind: Direction E, Force 1
Sea State: Calm
Air Temp: 1 °C Sea Temp: 1.5 °C
Pressure: 1017.5 Tendency (3hrs): Falling
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