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Meet a team member

Adam has joined us from Southampton University where he studies the reproduction and morphology of bivalve molluscs in the Southern Ocean. Like their clam and mussel relatives, Adam’s tiny Antarctic bivalves get their food by filtering seawater. Adam is particularly … Continue reading

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Week 3: Biological surveys in the eastern Weddell Sea

Jen Jackson (British Antarctic Survey) Hello from the eastern Weddell Sea! On Sunday 19th February we reached the most southerly point of our expedition. At 77.36 degrees south we had made it as far south into the Weddell Sea as … Continue reading

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JR 275 Diary Log

BAS cruise JR 275 departed the Falkland Islands on the James Clark Ross in early February and will sample the South Scotia Ridge, southern South Sandwich Islands and Weddell Sea before returning to Stanley in late March. This Antarctic research … Continue reading

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