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This page presents a few current and recent projects from the Open Oceans group.

DynOPO (Dynamics of the Orkney Passage Outflow)

Mike Meredith and Povl Abrahamsen

Read more about DynOPO at SOOS

TEA-COSI (The Environment of the Arctic: Climate, Ocean and Sea Ice)

Emily Shuckburgh and Emma Boland

Visit the main TEA-COSI website at NOCS

DIMES (Diapycnal and Isopycnal Mixing Experiment in the Southern Ocean)

Jean-Baptiste Sallée, Emily Shuckburgh, and Mike Meredith

Visit the main DIMES pages at UCSD

ANDREX (Antarctic Deep Water Rates of Export)

Pete Brown and Mike Meredith

Visit the main ANDREX website at NOCS

RaTS (Rothera Oceanographic and Biological Time Series)

Hugh Venables and Mike Meredith

Visit the RaTS website here at BAS

Regional study of eddy diffusivity in the Southern Ocean

Jorge Martínez-Rey

Download Jorge’s MSc thesis (4.5 MB PDF)

Quantifying mixing by eddies around the Kerguelen Islands

Christophe Turrière

Download Christophe’s report (2.1 MB PDF)

ASBO (Arctic Synoptic Basinwide Oceanography)

Povl Abrahamsen, Mike Meredith, and Keith Nicholls

Visit the main ASBO website at NOCS