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RRS James Cark Ross as a science platform

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So far I have participated in over 30 cruises on the RRS James Clarke Ross. These where mainly in Sub- and Antarctic waters from the Falklands, South Georgia down the west side of the Peninsula into the Weddel Sea. I was on board when JCR made her furthest west at 120 15.7 W and furthest south at -74 29.5 S during the cruise JR245 into Pine Island Bay, Amundsen Sea.

During these cruises I have been the Principal Scientific Officer (PSO) on 10 cruises where I was responsible for the day to day planning of the cruise. Being PSO means being the link between the captain and the ship side on one hand and the scientists on board on the other to make sure all expectations can be archived.

I go regular on sea trails, which is very important for me to test new pieces of equipment, try new deployment and recovery methods out and to see if and how updates are working. These trials times are very intensive as they are normally quite short, but very fruitful, as they normally help to make sure that everything is working on the next scientific cruise.