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Equipment Database MED

I use a self written ACCESS database for the Marine Science Equipment called MED (Marine Equipment Database)

It serves several vital functions:

  1. Zarges boxes Database: I am locking after more than 200 Zarges boxes, which holds the equipment, spares, tools and consumables for all the different pieces of equipment we use on our ship. All boxes are individually numbered and tracked by their numbers. These numbers are linked to their content list for further detailed description of their content. The database also links the boxes to the different equipment, its location and current status. By selecting a piece of equipment the database knows the associated boxes and vice versa.
  2. Equipment database: Al the currently 26 different pieces of equipment are hold in MED, running along with the Zarges boxes Database, as nearly every piece of equipment has its own dedicated Zarges boxes. The Equipment database hold ALL the pieces of one system together, like for an Rectangular Midwater Trawl (RMT) the metal bars, the weights and nets, which go as bulk items, as well as the wires, rollers, swivels and spares, which are in boxes.
  3. Cargo packing lists: Based on the number system, it is easy to create Cargo packing lists for shipping containers, the ship or BAS HQ. This makes it possible to quickly generate packing lists either by Equipment, place (ship, container, …), people (Scientist A, with boxes A to F) or just based on the selected numbers.
  4. Maintenance tracking: As I have only a very short period over the summer time, when the equipment is available for maintenance, very good time management is essential. MED is setup to support me by a tracking system of any raised maintenance from raising it through ordering replacements, … until everything is finished and the maintenance closed.
  5. Order lists: The order lists go along with the maintenance tracking system. At any time I can just click on my order list, and MED shows me which items are on order, delivery time and so on. Again a very useful feature to keep a head during the busy summer time, when lots of things are ordered at the same time
  6. Suppliers List: As I use over 100 suppliers for all the different and quite often very specialized pieces of equipment, MED helps me to quickly find the right supplier for the right piece I am looking for. This saves a lot of time, by not having to go through old orders or searching on the Internet or Catalogs to find the right piece I am after.
  7. Reports: Within all function of the database I can generate a total of 16 different reports by a single click or can create my own custom reports out of the whole database. From cargo lists to equipment fact sheets, nearly everything is possible.