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Rectangular Midwater Trawl (RMT)

The Rectangular Midwater Trawl (RMT) is a pelagic trawl system, which we use in different constallation, depending on the scientific requirements.

The smalest version of the RMT net system is the RMT1 where the 1 stands for 1 square meter mouth opening. This net is manily used to catch Zooplankton up to Krill size.

The RMT8 is the net to catch Krill, either as target hauls or on oblige hauls. Its mouth opening is 8 square meter, which makes it big enough to catch good amounts of Krill, but it is still small enough, so it can be deployed quickly for target fishing.

The RMT25 is the biggest RMT system we use, with a mouth opening of 25 square meters. It can be used for Krill fishing but it main use is to catch fish. As it is not huge for a fishing net, it works very well in darkness when the fish can not detect it. The big advantage it has compared to a comercial fishing net is, that it is still relatively easy to deploy and recover and that we can open and close the two net at will, making it ideal for scientific fishing. It allows you to catch just the swarm you want or just a certain water depth layer.

Pic1: RMT8+1                               Pic2: RMT getting deployed

Pic3: RMT 25 deployment                 Pic4: RMT recovery