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The MOCNESS plankton net is a multiple plankton net system, similar to the AMPS. The two major differences are that it is much smaller and therefore easier to handle on deck and it is a stand alone system, not using our DWNM system like the AMPS. has a live data stream and is controlled from the operator on board the ship. Also it has CTD sensors and a current meter to measure how much water has gone through the net.

The MOCNESS has 9 nets, whereby the first net is open when the system goes in the water. At maximum depth (up to 1000m) the first net is triggered to close and by doing so, it opens the second net. After a set time interval the second net is closed which again opens automatically the third nets. This can be repeated until all 9 nets have been used. This net is catching zooplankton in good conditions as it uses solid buckets at the end of the net, so that the animals in there are not getting squeezed against the net.