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Antarctic Multiple Plankton Sampler

The Antarctic Multiple Plankton Sampler (AMPS) was build to enable scientist to take multiple plankton samples during a single deployment. It is for a plankton net a huge net and takes a lot of space. Also it is not so easy to handle in rough seas due to its sheere size.

It can be deployed with no net open and the operator controls the net with our Down Wire Net Monitor system. This enables the operator to open the first net at will at any depth. Closing the first net will automatically open the next net and so on, until all 5 nets have been used. The last command enables the operator to close the final net, so further animal will be sampled while the net is coming back to the surface. This enables the scientist to collect plankton very pricessly in different water depth strata as the AMPS can for example sample the water colum from 500m to 400m, 400m to 300m, 300m to 200m, 200 m to 100m and 100m to the surface.