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Siving table for benthic samples

Whenever samples are taken from a bottom trawl like the Agassiz trawl, they come back quite often covered in lots of mud. This makes it quite hard to find the samples and the only way to get to them is in getting rid of all the mud. Traditionally this was done by using sieves and buckets. This is a back breaking task, when takes a long time and is really hard work. To make this task easier and quicker and more efficient, a sieving table for benthic samples was build. The table takes your sample to a height which is far more comfortable to pick the samples out of the mud. By using a constant flow of water out of a water hose, you are far quicker to retrieve your samples and an outlet at the bottom, means that you make the aft deck of a ship less messy, as most of the mud can be drained of via a large hose connected to the outlet. Also having 3 levels of sieves build in from coarse to fine means that you are not loosing out on small species and you get you catch a little bit pre sorted. The top sieve is for the large animals and any little rock peppels, which might come with the catch. The next level is a 1cm by 1cm mesh sieve in a large draw, which can be taken out to retrieve the smaller catch. Finally at the bottom you place a large bucket with a fine coarse sieve of your desired mesh size for the smallest samples.