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Shallow UW Camera System (SUCS)

So far BAS had no camera system to investigate the shelf regions of up to 500m. So with the successful funding from the Darwin Initiative Dave Barnes from BAS asked for the development of such a system to investigate the benthos on the shelf of South Georgia.

So a Shallow UW Camera System was developed with can work to depth up to 500m, showing a black and white live low resolution video stream and can take colour high resolution stills.

The system consists of a UW tripod which holds the UW housing with the camera and electronics and a stand alone light. The tripod is directly connected to the conductive cable via a chinese finger. The cable is spooled on a small winch on the deck side and via a slip-ring connected to the deck unit. The deck unit is finally connected to a PC which runs a MatLab GUI to display and control the camera functions.