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scientific mooring winch

As the scientific mooring work for our ship the RRS James Clark Ross has increased over the years significant and as she has no scientific mooring winch, there was the need to get a purpose build winch to accomodate this requirement.

Now BAS has a purpose build scientific mooring winch, which is capable of deploying mooring of up to 4000m length of 14mm rope diameter. The winch has a SWL of 2to and a line speed of 2m/sec. With this specifications the winch system is capable to recover and deploy all BAS moorings well within its limits. To be even more flexible the winch system comes in two parts, the traction winch and the storage winch. Each can be used and operated individually or can be coupled together. The traction winch consists of a capstan assembly to handle any weights and a high tension roller assembly with a high tension rope clamp. The storage winch consits of the storage drum assembly and automatic level wind to hold the rope. It also has a low tension roller assembly and a low tension rope clamp.