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RMT 25 support stand

The RMT25 is in the moment one of the biggest nets we use on JCR. It’s weight is about 1000kg and it’s size of five by five meters makes it not easy to handle in rough condition. As the other RMT nets, it is deployed of an “cross”, which serves as the main ancouring point for the towing bridles and for the single towing wire. Attached to the cross is also the heavy release gear, which opens and closes the nets by releasing the release strops.

In the past the cross with the DWNM system and the release had always to be assembled before any RMT25 deployment. This was a lengthy process and was not always easy in rough condition as the cross and the release had to be linked. With the new support stand, the cross and the release can be left linked together for the period of a whole cruise. It has a jacking mechanism to lift it up to move it around on deck and can then be bolted down to the ships matrix. From there is can be directly linked to the RMT25 net and being deployed from its stand. Also after recovery of the net the cross and release will rest straight into the support stand until the next deployment.