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Marine Science Engineering

Welcome to the homepage of Marine Science Engineering run by Peter Enderlein.

I am responsible for all the Marine Science Equipment on the “biological side” we use on our research vessel the RRS James Clark Ross. This includes currently 26 different pieces of Equipment – from very simple once like our rebuild N70 plankton nets to very complex systems, like deep water moorings or our Rectangular Midwater Trawl which we control with our Down Wire Net Monitor system.

While I am in Cambridge I am developing new equipment and in the summer I maintain all the equipment which is needed for the upcoming season south. At the end of the summer all the equipment is packed into shipping containers and then loaded onto our ship to sail south until I join the ship. On the ship I am responsible for the correct setup of the equipment as well as for the safe and successful use of all the different nets, buoys, ….

On the sidebar you will find links relevant to my work:  Marine science equipment  shows you the equipment we currently have and will give you more information about it. New developments shows you the new pieces of equipment I made over the last six years or are still under contruction. If you are interested in the database I use for my work to help me organising maintenance, tracking boxes, …. have a look in the Marine Equipment Database link. Additional there is a link to my Output & Outreach and to the scientific cruises I have participated in, with some additional links to the RRS James Clark Ross.

If you want to get in contact with me, please send me an email: