New QGIS plugin for Oceancolor Data

We have released a new plugin for QGIS which allows easy download of oceancolor and sea surface temperature data from NASA Oceancolor.

It downloads either global level 3 mapped chlorophyll-a concentrations or sea surface temperatures within a defined time range, and resolution. The data is saved in GeoTiff format and can be added to the QGIS canvas once downloaded. The plugin is available via the official QGIS plugins repository.

The plugin provides access to three datasets:
  • MODIS AQUA CHL-a concentration
  • SeaWiFS CHL-a concentration
  • MODIS AQUA Night Sea Surface Temperatures
We are currently developing new features and working to improve existing ones. A selection of features we are looking to include in a future release are:
  • Alternative output file formats
  • Options to subset output data to a lat/long bounding box
  • Other datasets, such as Net Primary Production
  • Progress bar
Louise Ireland et al.. (2015) oceancolor_downloader: v1.1.1. Zenodo.10.5281/zenodo.160