Monthly Archives: March 2010

Antarctic sea ice charts

The Polar View Antarctic service is now providing interpreted sea ice charts produced by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. In the high-bandwidth map view, users can now select the ‘Ice chart by’ tab to display the latest chart. A number of options for download are then made available on the right-side of the viewer including OGC compliant WMS. The simplest option however is the permanent link to the latest chart as a JPEG graphic.

These charts will be compiled on a weekly basis and currently cover from the Fimbul Ice Shelf, across the Weddell Sea, to west of the Antarctic Peninsula. They are compiled using the most up to date AMSR-E passive microwave ice concentration data and ESA Envisat ASAR imagery.


UK Space Agency launches

It’s finally here. The new UK Space Agency was officially unveiled today, including the official name, new logo and a few more details about plans for the future and what funding will be included. Read more here on BBC. So here’s looking forward to the coherency promised by this devlopment and effective engagement by all partners to ensure EO makes the most of this opportunity, including the developments at the International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC) at Harwell.


UPDATE 25th March 2010: See articles from ESA & BIS for some more reporting on this announcement and if you are really interested here is Lord Draysons speech from the day. Plus feature from ITN here if you don’t want to read.

In an update at the pointy end of these matters, Cryosat2 has a new launch date set for 8th April.