SMOS launched successfully

Good news from ESA. The latest Earth Explorer missions, the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission, was successfully launched early on Monday 2nd November. More information is available here and ESA’s twitter feed reports that the SMOS signal has now been received confirming separation from the launcher and injection into orbit. So far so good.


Also onboard was the latest technology demonstrator from ESA called Proba-2, which will test a minature star-tracker, digital sun sensor, miniaturised wide angle camera, fibre sensors, a high-precision magnetometer, a dual frequency GPS space receiver, a xenon-fed resistojet thruster, a cold gas generator and many more.

UPDATE 4.11.2009 : ESA have confirmed that the SMOS instrument’s three antenna arms have deployed as planned, and that the instrument is in good health.