GMES (not Kopernikus) begins to deliver

The much talked about great European GMES project (briefly called Kopernikus until they started arguing about where he came from) is finally beginning to deliver.

The first move comes from ESA who are responsible for delivering the Space Component (think the necessary satellites and data for all the planned environmental monitoring). Toward the end of last year they launched the grandly named GMES Space Component Data Access web portal. Currently this provides access to ESA satellite data, but in the coming months this will expand to include many other satellites. More information from ESA here. So there is great potential for improved access to data products here – but exactly how much better will take a bit more investigation and patience. I fear there is more wrangling on GMES data policy to go before we see a great US-style data free-for-all.



Also starting up in 2009 are the GMES core services. This includes the Marine Core Service called MyOcean. Sounds a bit possessive, but at least there is good UK involvement including BAS. I’ll post more on this in the next few weeks ahead of the real start to service delivery in April.