NERC scoping new remote sensing technology

NERC is looking to define research activities to develop new remote sensing instruments for ‘next generation aerial platforms’. So think of UAVs, blimps etc. They’ll be doing this definition via a consultant, but if you have any ideas start thinking now since this will be a key input to the Technologies Theme Action Plan. Full text of the notice is provided below and you can get further details in the scoping study ITT here. I’ll let you know when I find out who will do this and how to input ideas.

NERC wishes to commission a scoping study that will define targeted research activities in remote sensing technology for next generation platforms and is looking to appoint a consultant to carry out this study. The objective is to enable the timely development of new instrumentation technologies targeted for, and ultimately mission proven on, emerging next generation aerial platforms. The next generation of platforms includes UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), zeppelins and high altitude platforms (HAPs) This scoping study is one of the activities included in the Technologies Theme Action Plan; the action plan outlines how NERC will deliver the Technologies aspects of its strategy ‘Next Generation Science for Planet Earth’. Full details are contained in the attached ITT.