LIMA – you’ve seen the picture, now read the paper

LIMA (Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica) has always claimed to be more than just a pretty picture. Unlike continent scale mosaics for the rest of the world, a lot of effort went into making LIMA a useful dataset beyond its aesthetic value. The data values are robustly corrected surface reflectance values, so we’ve bothered to correct for variable sun angle, saturation and reflective properties of snow amongst other things. So it is perfectly valid to compare a pixel value on the Peninsula with one at Dome A for instance.

If you are interested in how this was achieved or just need to cite the dataset, the method has now been published in Remote Sensing of the Environment. Citation below.



Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 112, Issue 12, 15 December 2008, Pages 4214-4226
Robert Bindschadler, Patricia Vornberger, Andrew Fleming, Adrian Fox, Jerry Mullins, Douglas Binnie, Sara Jean Paulsen, Brian Granneman, David Gorodetzky

There’ll be more to come on LIMA soon as it’s currently being updated to correct a few niggles, including some of the cloudy patches. Better and faster access is also in the pipeline.