Rapidfire imagery

There’s a lot of free satellite image sources out there, so this will be one of several posts pointing you to a useful source of imagery that is only a click or two away.

The NASA MODIS sensor has been flying on two satellites since early 2000 and acquires visible images (amongst other data) with 250 metre pixel size. The MODIS Rapid Response System delivers this imagery within a few hours of collection.

Accessing it has been a bit of a hassle due to the interface, but they now produce real time subsets. So for many predefined regions, shown below, you can click and see the latest coverage for a particular day and scroll back through earlier dates. One such region covers the Antarctic Peninsula.



So below is todays image as an example. They are even kind enough to allow download as a georeferenced file so it can be simply dropped into most GIS systems.


So there you go. Free up to date imagery of the Peninsula, but with clouds. Enjoy.