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Researcher in molecular physiology and immunology

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

The University of Bergen (UiB) is an internationally recognised research university with more than 14,000 students and close to 3,500 employees at six faculties. The university is located in the heart of Bergen. Our main contribution to society is excellent basic research and education across a wide range of disciplines. There is a vacancy for a position as ...more

Announcement: Save the date - UK Arctic Science Conference 2017

NERC Arctic Office - Published by Nicola Munro

The dates for the next UK Arctic Science Conference have been confirmed. It will take place over three days from Tuesday 19th September to Thursday 21st September 2017 and will be hosted by the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) in Oban. Further details, including the Conference webpages, will be available in due course. For now, please ...more

Catching up with Teja

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

We catch up with researcher Teja Yarra to find out how she is getting on: -How your research is going: what sort of things have you discovered to date? The research is on track including all the second year hiccups that seem to be so prevalent with PhDs! So far we have accomplished much: We were able to look ...more

Catching up with Trystan

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

CACHE catches up with researcher Trystan Sanders and finds out how he's been getting on: -Tell us how your research is going: what sort of things have you discovered to date? We have had plenty of discoveries over the last two years, big and small. I guess the biggest discovery so far is how costly life is ...more

BLOG: Buoy deployments in the Arctic on board the Korean icebreaker RV Araon

ICE-ARC - EU FP7 project website - Published by katsli

RV Araon Blog ICE-ARC PI Jeremy Wilkinson (British Antarctic Survey) is currently on board a cruise operating by the Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) on the Korean ice breaker RV Araon. During the cruise from Nome, Alaska to the Chukchi Sea a number or autonomous instruments will be deployed, the instruments are designed capture and communicate direct measurements from ...more

Discussing Molluscs in Malaysia

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

James reports on his visit to Malaysia and the World Congress of Malacology: Discussing Molluscs in Malaysia "Sitting in Heathrow Airport waiting for my connection back to Brussels is a perfect time to look back on a fantastic couple of weeks in Malaysia, and jetlag makes 5 am a very productive hour all of a sudden! I ...more

Penguin or sea lemon?

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

OR, rather our a recent paper entitled 'Biodiversity in marine invertebrate responses to acute warming revealed by a comparative multi-omics approach' - CACHE Principal Investigator, Dr Melody Clarks explains: "OK, here we go, the Desert Island disc question of ecology: If you had to choose just one species to monitor the health of a marine ecosystem, ...more

ICE-ARC General Assembly Tromsø 2016

ICE-ARC - EU FP7 project website - Published by katsli

REGISTER NOW The third ICE-ARC General Assembly will be held at Malangen resort near Tromsø, Norway where ICE-ARC partner Norwegian Polar Institute are based. Date: 19th-20th October 2016 Venue: Malangen Resort Registration deadline: 29th July 2016 Abstracts: Please submit your abstracts online, this can be done after registration, until the deadline of the 30 September 2016. Everyone should try to either give ...more

Postdoc job advert: oceanographer for Mercator

ICE-ARC - EU FP7 project website - Published by Elaina Ford

Mercator Ocean is the French ocean analysis and forecasting centre. It designs, develops, operates and maintains state-of-the-art scientific numerical-modelling systems that are able to describe, analyse and forecast the state of the ocean in 3D, continuously and in real time. Mercator Ocean is a subsidiary of five major French institutions involved in the development of ...more

Understanding the Arctic - science, technology and international collaboration

NERC Arctic Office - Published by Nicola Munro

The NERC Arctic Office is organising a one-day conference 'Understanding the Arctic: science, technology and international collaboration' at The Royal Society, London on the 18th of October. This conference will aim to: Disseminate the findings of the recent £15m NERC Arctic Research Programme Highlight examples and opportunities for the development and deployment of new technology in the ...more