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British Antarctic Survey Blog Network

Clarence and Clemmie around the base: the big animals!

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

Continuing their epic Antarctic trip, the very important clams (VICs) Clarence and Clemmie, the CACHE mascots, talk 'cute stuff'!   "So far we have talked a lot about the science going on at Rothera, but whenever you mention the Antarctic, everyone immediately thinks of the big 'cute' stuff, like penguins, seals and whales (please note, there are ...more

UK Arctic Science Conference: Reminder - Registration deadline is 28th August 2015

NERC Arctic Office - Published by Nicola Munro

  The UK Arctic Science Conference will be held at the University of Sheffield, 16th to 18th September 2015.  Registration deadline is 28th August 2015 (please note, abstract submission is now closed). Further information about the conference can be found at  including links to accommodation and travel options. Please contact Prof Grant Bigg (Conference Organiser) or Nicola Munro (Conference ...more

ICE-ARC General Assembly Bologna, Italy 2015

ICE-ARC - EU FP7 project website - Published by katsli

REGISTER NOW The second ICE-ARC General Assembly will be held in Bologna, Italy. ICE-ARC partner CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) has kindly offered to host the meeting at the CNR Congress Centre Date: 20-22nd October 2015 Venue: CNR Congress Centre Registration deadline: 14th September 2015 Abstracts: Please submit your abstracts online, this can be done after registration, until the deadline of the 30 September ...more

David and the DNA!

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

David Vendrami, recently recruited Early Stage Researcher to the CACHE project, talks mitochondrial DNA: "I've had a pretty busy week: in addition to working on my CACHE project, I had to deal with some (tedious) bureaucratic stuff which, of course, I’m not going to talk to you about. In the last few days, I focused on mainly ...more

More about our latest early stage researcher, David Vendrami

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

David Vendrami was recently recruited to the CACHE project as an Early Stage Researchers (ESR). David will be researching ‘Quantification of natural variation in shell thickness and production across a latitudinal gradient and relation to environmental parameters and the underlying population genetics’. David is originally from Italy and will be conducting his PhD at University of ...more

All hands on deck at GEOMAR!

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

CACHE ESR Kirti Ramesh explains about the invaluable help she has received from an intern this Summer:   "Every year, GEOMAR offers the opportunity for high school students to take on an internship in its laboratories and learn about what it is like to be a marine biologist firsthand. This year, Lara Kneschke from Freie Waldorfschule Eckernförde ...more

Video Teasers for Posters - Competition!

IGS 2015 - Published by Elaina Ford

Video Teasers for IGS Cambridge Symposium attendees with abstracts accepted for poster presentations are invited to submit <2-minute teaser videos (Frostbyte-style; see for examples) to help effectively share their research methods and outcomes with the full symposium audience. Videos will be shown over breaks on the first day of the symposium and archived online by ...more

ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting February 2016

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

CACHE researcher Kirti Ramesh, explains how she and her colleagues will be co-chairing a session at the Ocean Sciences meeting next year: "We are very excited to let you know about our session at the ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting (21-26 February 2016, New Orleans) entitled: 'Calcification in a changing environment - Do mechanisms define vulnerability?' This ...more

Programme online

IGS 2015 - Published by Elaina Ford

A detailed programme in PDF format is available here. An online version (that will be on the memory sticks and app provided) is ...more

Registrations available - late surcharge from 5th August

IGS 2015 - Published by Elaina Ford

The IGS registration page has now finally been fixed - if you haven't yet registered please do so at The £100 late surcharge will be applicable from the Wednesday 5th ...more