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British Antarctic Survey Blog Network

Is this clam wearing lipstick?!

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

Dr Melody Clark, CACHE Project Co-ordinator, reports from Antarctica - Blog #1 "Below you'll see a laternula elliptica photographed under fluorescent light. Laternula elliptica is a species of saltwater clam, a marine bivalve mollusc in the family Laternulidae, the lantern shells. It is the largest bivalve found under the surface of the seabed in the Southern ...more

Expanding knowledge

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

CACHE researcher, Yan Wang-Duffort reports on a visit to the Collège de France: Blog #1 "One gloomy Tuesday, I arrived in Collège de France in Paris to visit Professor Jacques Livage. Professor Livage has been involved in the development of “Sol-Gel” synthesis. This “soft” chemistry, inspired from the biomineralisation process, enables the development of hybrid organic/mineral materials ...more

Hello Bangor!

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

The intrepid duo continue their globe trotting.....Clarence and Clemmie the CACHE mascots, visit Bangor in the UK: "How do you follow a trip to Antarctica? You might think after time in the frozen wastes that we would reward ourselves with a nice warm beach holiday, the Maldives perhaps? But no! We are dedicated to our science ...more

Experienced Researcher in Impacts of Climate Change on Aquaculture

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

We are seeking a highly motivated Experienced Researcher (ER) to join the EU-FP7 Marie Curie CACHE project (Calcium in a CHanging Environment - to determine the impacts of climate change on the European shellfish industry based in Oban, Scotland. Closing date for applications: 2 March 2016. Your role will be to: 1. Collate, critically appraise and ...more

Introducing Carlos! Another important recruit!

CACHE ITN - Published by nina

Here's introducing Carlos Caurcel, a new recruit to CACHE project. Carlos will be developing a bioinformatics hub: 1. Tell us a little bit about the research you’ll be doing for CACHE. My role withing the CACHE network is to provide bioinformatics support to the Early Stage Resarchers (ESRs), that includes teaching them some bioinformatics, helping them ...more

Environmental Science Impact Programme - Announcement of Opportunity

NERC Arctic Office - Published by Nicola Munro

The Environmental Science Impact Programme (ESIP) is dedicated to bringing research organisations together with businesses, policy bodies and other actors contributing to economic development specific to their location to deliver significant regional impact from NERC environmental science. NERC invites research organisations with a strong and substantial portfolio of NERC funded research to apply through ESIP calls ...more

ICE-ARC Side Event at COP21

ICE-ARC - EU FP7 project website - Published by katsli

Session speakers at COP21 Arctic Side Event ICE-ARC was proud to take part in this year’s historic Paris Climate ChangeConference in December (COP21). Our programme co-hosted an Arctic Side Event with the EU-funded consortium programme EU-PolarNet and the European Polar Board. A small team represented by each of the hosts organised speakers for a 90-minute ...more

iSTAR Summary of activities

iSTAR - NERC Ice Sheet Stability Programme - Published by Paul Seagrove

Since the 1990s, satellites have shown accelerating ice-loss driven by ocean change in five neighbouring glacier basins that drain more than one-third of West Antarctica. The rate of ice-loss here doubled in just six years and now accounts for ~10% of global sea-level rise. However, considerable uncertainty remains in projections of future ice-loss from West ...more

Photography award for iSTAR student

iSTAR - NERC Ice Sheet Stability Programme - Published by Paul Seagrove

A photograph taken during the iSTAR traverse on Pine Island Glacer has won top prize in a national competition. The image, of a caboose and field camp, was taken by Damon Davies, a PhD student in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh. Damon was a participant on both iSTAR traverses. The photo ...more

COP21 Side Event: Climate Change in the Arctic

NERC Arctic Office - Published by Nicola Munro

On Saturday 5th December ICE-ARC will host a European Commission Side Event in conjunction with EU-PolarNet and the European Polar Board. ICE-ARC is a major EU-funded programme of research that is co-ordinated by the British Antarctic Survey. This 90-minute Arctic briefing session will examine the science, impact, opportunities and potential conflicts arising from Arctic climate change. You ...more